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Do you buy used books?

We do not currently buy used books for cash, unfortunately.  Jessica opened with only a tiny nest egg to build from, and has managed to grow the business organically, through diligence, creativity, perseverance, and the goodwill of her amazing supporters.

We hope to be able to offer cash for your super nice, brand new looking books someday, but in the meantime we would be happy to look through your books and offer trade credit for what we can make use of!

How does trade credit work?

You are welcome to bring in books during regular store hours, Tuesday-Saturday noon-8 pm (except during events, on First Fridays, or days otherwise noted on our Facebook page.) for us to look through.  For books that we accept, we will give you anywhere from 25-35% of what we will sell it for in trade credit, and as high as 50% if the book came from us and still has the sticker on it!  That trade credit goes into an account that never expires and you are welcome to use it anytime!

Like the majority of used bookstores, our trade credit will pay for HALF of your entire USED book purchase EVERY TIME you make a purchase, or until it runs out.  Please tell us that you have a trade account with us at the register so we can pull up your account before ringing you up!

For example: If you have trade credit on your account, and would like to purchase a used book that costs $4, your trade credit will automatically pay for $2, and then you will pay the other $2 + tax yourself using cash, check, credit card, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay!

Please note: trade credit DOES NOT work on new books, local author books, or non-book merchandise.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions at all!

I don't need anything in return, do you accept donations?

YES!  We accept donations, and we appreciate them wholeheartedly!  Please be sure to follow the guidelines laid out below to decide if your donations will be accepted at Lit. on Fire Used Books.

Anything that we can not make use of in store will be donated to Books to Benefit, a nonprofit located in Normal, IL whose work to support literacy programs in the Midwest is second to none!

What kind of books do you usually accept, and what kind of books do you tend to reject?

This information is to be used as a guide only, and is not a guarantee that we will accept your books.  All books must be checked through by Jessica for trade credit offers.

We usually accept books that are in good to like new condition only, and our biggest sellers are Classics, Literary Fiction, Children's, Young Adult, Poetry, and Fantasy & Science Fiction.  We are also always in need of great nonfiction topics such as History, Philosophy, New Age, Spirituality, Occult, Wicca & Paganism, Art, Music, & Pop Culture, Sociological topics such as Women's, Gender, & African American Studies, and Popular Science titles.  We have an intense love for literature off the beaten path, so anything unusual will be RIGHT up our alley!  Queer leaning fiction and nonfiction is also needed!

We tend to reject books that have any kind of damage that is detrimental to the book's integrity.  Examples include, but are not limited to: water damage, staining from other liquids, musty odors, smoke smell, loose or missing pages,  books that are very dirty (pet hair, spills, covered in dirt, etc), and hardcovers missing their dust jackets.  We also do not accept technical manuals, encyclopedias, Reader's Digest, outdated collector's guides, older computer & technology books, and most Time Life collections.

Please note that we only accept children's picture books as donations, and they go on the Honor System rack in the back room.  This system allows parents, teachers, low-income families, and home schoolers of young children to provide picture books for low to no cost to the children they live, play, and work with. 

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes!  We can make out a gift certificate in any amount you'd like!  Just come by the shop and let us know how much to make it out for!

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, all major credit cards, check, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay!  (Truth be told, though?  Android Pay acts really wonky and I cannot guarantee you that it will work except maybe every other transaction).

How can I go about ordering new books through Lit. on Fire Used Books?

I'm so glad you asked!  You can visit my e-commerce site by clicking here or by visiting my Online Store. With my new and improved e-commerce site, you can have your order shipped to your door! The best part is that each order maximizes the support that your neighborhood indie receives, so it's a win win for us both!

We are also set up to place special orders in store, so if you come by and are looking for a specific book that we don't have in stock new or used, we can most likely order it for you and you can choose to pick it up in store or I can have it shipped to your home!  Every order placed will support your neighborhood indie, so why not keep those tax dollars local by ordering through us instead of the big corporations?  Best of all, when you order new books through Lit. on Fire Used Books, you can rest assured that you are supporting a hard-working family rather than lining a CEO's pockets, and your investment will be greatly appreciated!

Please Note: Trade credit CANNOT be used toward the purchase of new books, we're sorry.

I just LOVE your space. Do you allow outside groups and individuals to book events at your shop?

Yes we do!  Please contact Jessica with details about your event so we can decide if it would be a good fit for Lit. on Fire Used Books!  We absolutely LOVE hosting public events that are open to the community we serve, so if the logistics work out, we're happy to accommodate private events, too!

You can email us at litonfireusedbooks@gmail.com or fill out the contact form here.

Please keep in mind that Lit. on Fire Used Books is operated from top to bottom, inside and out by Jessica, with some help from an occasional volunteer, and Jessica has a family and life outside of the business, so there will be limitations to what she offers, although not for lack of trying!  Just be patient with us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and wishes within reason!

I am a local author. Can I sell my books in your shop?

Yes, you absolutely can!  We offer a very good commission rate to local authors, because we want YOU to make money from your sales, while we just offer your books a cozy home for your fans to find and purchase physical copies at Lit. on Fire!  You don't even need to call ahead to get your books on the shelf, just bring a few copies in (we usually start with 3) and speak to Jessica. She will walk you through the entire process with ease and you'll be on our shelves in no time!

Are you hiring?

We get asked this a lot, and unfortunately, for the same reason that buying books for cash is unfeasible, We are not currently hiring, nor do we know when we can begin to do so.  The first step in growing a business organically means pouring any profits made right back into the business in order to keep the ship afloat, if you will. The next step is establishing a salary for the owner operator, which is the most difficult stage, and where we're at right now.  Learning to balance growth with the need for self-sustainability is difficult and the process is slow, but entirely worth it.  The final step would be expanding into employing others, but again, we cannot predict when this will take place.


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