• Jessica Stephenson

Get Lit. Zine gets Personal.

Soooooo I know sometimes I'm really bad at saying things about my business and creative projects at open mic night because I feel selfish doing that, but I honestly want you ALL to know that Get Lit. Zine is really important to me. I put a lot of work into each and every issue because I take pride in what I do for this community.

For those of you who are not familiar with Get Lit. Zine, please pick up one of the remaining free black & white copies of our most recent issue while you're here tonight or any time, really. I also have color copies of several back issues still available for a nominal fee, and I've got to say, the artwork & clarity makes it 100% worth the cost. I've hand collaged nearly every page of six issues in the past, each of which ranged from 28-52 pages!

Essentially, this zine exists as a companion piece to the open mic and vice versa. One of my biggest passions (other than bookselling) is building a community where poetry flourishes, especially alongside art, photography, and short stories. Folks in the community send in their submissions, and I spend countless hours putting this whole thing together, which even as a whole is a work of art.

For the last issue, I made a giant leap from literal cut and pasted, hand made booklets that I'd scan for printing, to a digital format for the sake of easier printing and less carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm in the process of working out the kinks, as that issue had some, uh, issues, huhuh.

Because of this, I missed out on the time I would normally have spent making brand new collages for each page, so I did a kind of "best of" compilation, along with the four new pieces I had managed to get done in time. The result, though, is BEAUTIFUL. I love being able to see the artwork behind the text, even though you can see all of the individual pieces at https://www.litonfireusedbooks.com/get-lit-zine, because there's just something about seeing it come full circle and not having to cover up the art I had just created.

Anyway, sorry for blathering on. TLDR: I put a lot of time and effort and art and community (and my hand almost falls off) into every issue to bring you something amazing and beautiful that we can all be proud to be a part of. Send me your submissions, pick up a copy of the current issue, and help me spread the word about this thing I'm really proud of. Thanksiloveyoubye. #dothething ~Jessica Stephenson, Owner Operator, Get Lit. Zine Creator

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