• Jessica Stephenson

Online Inventory Updates

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Hi everyone! I've been very busy making some improvements to my web presence, and I am excited to announce that I am now using Pointy, which is a device that plugs into my barcode scanner and automatically adds the products I scan to my online presence! This is a fantastic way to give my customers an idea of the kind of books I stock, as well as displaying my best sellers for current and future customers! One thing to keep in mind is that I scan books through my system both on the way into the system, and as they sell. That said, if a product appears on my Pointy page, even if it says it is in stock, you are still highly encouraged to contact me before dropping in to purchase a book you saw there. I have only just begun working with the device, so it will take awhile for the display algorithm to catch on and for us to work out the kinks, but over time I do believe this will be a wonderful addition to my ever-growing presence! Click here to go to my Pointy page, where you can watch my inventory change and grow in real time!

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