• Jessica Stephenson

Out with the Old, in with the New.

Updated: Feb 6

We all knew that my time using Indie Lite as an e-commerce solution was a test run, rife with trial and error, riddled with unknowns and 'I'll do my best's.' Well, I am here to tell you today that I just can't do it anymore. Quite frankly, I am hemorrhaging money using this platform, and I keep running into brick walls instead of workarounds for the issues the platform has caused for me. Now, I have to admit, they offered a wonderful and fair deal to those of us who were negatively impacted by Baker & Taylor's decision to drop out of the wholesale retail market entirely, causing many indies like mine to lose their existing e-commerce platforms. It was an honorable step in the right direction for indies everywhere, and my hat's off to them for doing their best. It's probably a great fit for many, many larger stores, but for this micro underdog, it just doesn't add up to an overall positive experience. I am persistently my own advocate and refuse to settle for solutions that don't fit my business model. I always try my best to keep the wheels of change turning here at Lit. on Fire, resisting stagnation and remaining open to improvements while evolving with the times. So to that I say, out with the old, and in with the new!

Meet Bookshop. A gorgeously designed and mission driven platform I was introduced to at Winter Institute two weeks ago. It launched on Tuesday, January 28th, and has already raised close to $3,000 for its indie bookstore affiliates (myself included)! Please take a moment to read about their mission here. Lit. on Fire is currently enrolled in both of their affiliate programs, earning us a slice of the overall 10% pie, as well as a 25% commission on all sales that go through our storefront on Bookshop! View our live storefront here!

What you see here is a mere skeleton of its future self, but I want you to bookmark this page and make an effort to order from Bookshop, even if not directly from me, when you order books online. Indie bookstores everywhere have been under attack by Amazon's predatory practices since they took a vow to destroy us. Let's fight back together. Now is the time for a revolution! If you are a book blogger, or simply talk about books on your social media regularly, please take a moment to sign up for an affiliate account and post links to the books you're already highlighting through Bookshop rather than Amazon, because you will earn an industry leading 10% on purchases made by folx who follow your link to do so. This rate DESTROYS Amazon's 4% affiliate rate, so take heed! Did I mention that 10% of each sale from your affiliate link also benefits indie bookstores?!? Because you should know this, and it's very important. For more information on how this affects my current or potential Indie Lite customers, please view this email campaign I created to announce this transition, and please take a moment to subscribe to future email campaigns in an attempt to Reconnect the Community in the wake of my recent confession, Coming Clean. If you prefer in-store pickup, please email me at litonfirebooks@gmail.com, text or call me at (309) 634-5383, or contact me on any social media site you follow me on. I promise to order your book(s) for you, and you can pay me when you pick it up! Finally, I want you to know that my mantra for 2020 is 'It takes a village.' I will be publishing my blog post, Dispatches from Wi15, sometime in the next week or so, and it will touch on all of the knowledge that I brought home with me from this booksellers conference, outline how I plan to enact each new program that I've created, and show you (in very many words) how this conference has revitalized my passion for and dedication to our community in big ways.

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